2017 Yale Bassett Award Ceremony FAQs

What should I wear to the Bassett Award event?

The Bassett Award ceremony will be a celebratory event. Although there are no specific requirements for dress, you may wish to dress as if you are attending a nice dinner with friends or family. There will be photos taken at the ceremony.

May my parent or guardian join me at the weekend's events?

We invite your parent or guardian to attend the Bassett Award ceremony with you. Parents and guardians are also invited to attend Yale’s Multicultural Open House.

Can I invite friends to the Bassett Award ceremony?

In addition to the parent or guardian who may be accompanying you, we welcome other family members or friends (at Yale or in the area) who may wish to attend the ceremony. To ensure that we have an accurate count of attendees, please make sure that they register here.

Will I have an opportunity to meet with Yale faculty members or students while I am on campus?

Yale faculty and students will be in attendance at the Bassett Award ceremony on October 13 and at the events, panels, and receptions that will take place during the Multicultural Open House on October 14.

What if I cannot make the Bassett Award celebration?

We understand that other obligations might prevent you from joining us on campus on October 13. Please be sure to check with family and teachers to ensure that the date of the ceremony works for your schedule. If you cannot attend the Bassett Award celebration, please let us know ASAP and we will be happy to mail you your signed book and a copy of the event program.

Do I have to attend Yale’s Multicultural Open House?

The Bassett Award ceremony was scheduled to coincide with the Multicultural Open House so that Bassett Awardees who were interested in Yale College would have the opportunity to learn more about the school while on campus but attendance at the Open House is not required. While the Open House is a great opportunity to get to know Yale, attendance will not affect your application to Yale, should you choose to apply.

If I do not or cannot stay for the Multicultural Open House, will there be another opportunity for me to learn about Yale admissions?

If you do not or cannot stay for the Multicultural Open House but want to learn more about going to or getting into Yale, you should start by visiting the Undergraduate Admissions website, which is an incredible resource for prospective students. If you plan to arrive on campus early enough on October 13, you might be able to attend an Admissions information session or tour. Check out the Admissions Office Fall schedule for information sessions, tours, and student forums.

Can I interview with someone in Yale College Admissions while I am on campus?

Undergraduate Admissions offers a limited number of on-campus interviews. To learn more about the interview process, please visit the Admissions website FAQs about interviews.

What should I do if I arrive on campus early on Friday or want to stay through Sunday?

If you have the opportunity to spend a bit of extra time in New Haven during your visit for the Bassett Award ceremony, there are plenty of things you can do. You might take a student-led tour or attend an admissions session or pick up a map from the Yale Visitor Center or download the app to tour at your own pace. Yale’s amazing museums or galleries are all free and open to the public so, they are definitely worth a visit. Finally, you can and should consider exploring the city of New Haven and all that is has to offer.