Undergraduate Programs

The Center houses the Ethnicity, Race, and Migration program (ER&M) and a range of other initiatives to foster undergraduate interest in the study of race, indigeneity, and transnational migration.

The ER&M program, established in 1997, offers interdisciplinary courses to Yale College undergraduates and an academic major that exposes students to the comparative and interdisciplinary study of ethnicity, race, and migration.

Our undergraduate-facing work also includes research fellowships, essay prizes in Latino/a Studies and Asian American Studies, funding for student-run conferences and events, and the RITM Student Advisory Board.

Spotlight: ER&M 200 - “Introduction to Ethnicity, Race, and Migration”

ER&M 200 exposes students to the major themes of and approaches to the study of ethnicity, race, and migration by drawing upon the interdisciplinary forms of social inquiry that gave rise to the academic fields of ethnic and postcolonial studies. We visited ER&M 200 in Fall 2016. Follow the link below to get “inside the classroom” with us!