ER&M Supports Development of New Comparative Literature Graduate Student Magazine

April 2, 2018

In March, the department of Comparative Literature announced the launch of a new, graduate-student led magazine of literature and criticism called Mitos Magazín. The online publication is supported, in part, by the program in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration.

From the original article:

Mitos Magazín contains short stories, essays, poetry, criticism, etc. The magazine is focused on the Americas and committed to publishing work in all of the languages of the Americas.

It owes its existence primarily to three students in the department: Vanessa Gubbins, Maru Pabón and Camila Vélez. It was partly sponsored by the Yale Program in Ethnicity, Race and Migration.

Please have a look at the website, and share widely with friends and colleagues in other departments and other walks of life who might be interested.