The RITM Lunch Series is a chance for our Faculty Fellows to share work-in-progress with members of the RITM community.

This page will be updated with locations and/or Zoom links for public events as each event approaches.

Fall 2021

Alka Menon. Sep. 30 

Public Talk: Global Cosmetic Surgery and the Art and Science of Standardizing Race 

Quan Tran. Nov. 4 

Public Talk: Critical Refugee Studies: A Primary Source Guide 

Aimee Loiselle. Nov. 11 

Small Group Workshop: "Gloria Maldonado and Puerto Rican Needleworkers in the Northeast: Sharing Collective Stories" 

Spring 2022 

Ximena Lopez. Feb. 3 

Public Talk: Folk Healing in the Latinx Borderlands and the Limits of Psychiatry’s Cultural Authority from 1957 to 1968. 

Lorelle Semley. Feb. 17 


Ferentz Lafargue. Mar. 3 

Small Group Workshop: History, Labor and Remembering in Octavia Butler’s Kindred 

Maryam Kashani. Mar. 31 

Public Talk: Ten Freedom Summers. Film excerpt, a talk, and Q&A.  

David Francis. Apr. 14 

Small Group Workshop: Translating the Poetry of Abigael Bohórquez