The RITM Lunch Series is a chance for our Faculty Fellows to share work-in-progress with members of the RITM community.

This page will be updated with locations and/or Zoom links for public events as each event approaches.

Fall 2021

Alka Menon. Sep. 30 

Public Talk: Global Cosmetic Surgery and the Art and Science of Standardizing Race 

Quan Tran. Nov. 4 

Public Talk: Critical Refugee Studies: A Primary Source Guide 

Aimee Loiselle. Nov. 11 

Small Group Workshop: "Gloria Maldonado and Puerto Rican Needleworkers in the Northeast: Sharing Collective Stories" 

Spring 2022 

Ximena Lopez. Feb. 3 

Public Talk: Folk Healing in the Latinx Borderlands and the Limits of Psychiatry’s Cultural Authority from 1957 to 1968. 

Lorelle Semley. Feb. 17 

Black Bordeaux and the Search for Refuge after Revolution

Ferentz Lafargue. Mar. 3 

Small Group Workshop: History, Labor and Remembering in Octavia Butler’s Kindred 

Maryam Kashani. Mar. 31 

Public Talk: Ten Freedom Summers. Film excerpt, a talk, and Q&A.  

David Francis. Apr. 14 

Small Group Workshop: Translating the Poetry of Abigael Bohórquez